Rail Infrastructure Solutions for Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications

North American industry relies on rail not only to transport goods across long distances, but also to handle material movements in between the main lines, including at the site of production. Vossloh North America companies offer a comprehensive portfolio of rail infrastructure products and service to meet the needs of industrial material handling, from short line railroads to track material used in underground mines, and everything in between.

Shortline, Regional, & Industrial Railroads

Class II (short line) and regional railroads handle over 30% of nation’s freight, and are often noted for handling freight “first mile, last mile,” as carloads are moved to and from the mainline to its final destination. These railroads have specific challenges and needs, and Vossloh North America companies are committed to serving Class II (short line) and regional railroads with a comprehensive portfolio of rail infrastructure products and services.

We maintain a large inventory of new, industrial quality turnouts and track material, as well as relay material that is expertly reconditioned. More

We manufacture switch control solutions, including new remanufactured industry standard switch machines, as well control systems for dark territory, More

We manufacture fastening systems designed to meet the demanding conditions of industrial yards and terminals. More

Intermodal & Rail Served Failities

When improving the supply chain means building or expanding a rail structure, Vossloh is the only name you need to know. Intermodal yards and Rail Served facilities are often structures that are not owned or build by railroads. These projects require rail infrastructure expertise. Vossloh has been a trusted partner in numerous public and privately build rail structures.

Vossloh North America companies offer a complete, turnkey rail infrastructure solution, with a group of products and services that can meet the needs of even the most demanding projects. We manufacture and supply special trackwork, rail fastening systems, switch machines and control systems, and rail maintenance services to enhance the overall service life of the structure. Instead of dealing with potentially dozens of suppliers, learn more about the ONE VOSSLOH solution.

Underground Mines

Vossloh has over 40 years of experience supplying trackwork to underground mine sites where light rail and runways are used to transport materials. Located in the heart of West Virginia, and Appalachian coal country, the Vossloh Track Material mining division supplies light rail, turnouts, and turnout components. We maintain a large inventory of product and can source almost any related material. Our capabilities combined with outstanding customer service make Vossloh the premier partner for all rail infrastructure needs. More

Track Material for Overhead Cranes & Runways

Electric overhead cranes, Runways systems, and even industrial doors utilize flanged rail. Vossloh maintains a large inventory of rail sections including A.S.C.E., A.R.E.A., and heavy CR (Crane Rail). More

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